Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Light at the End of the tunnel.

After weeks of being horribly sick and two doctor visits later, I'm finally starting to feel better.  Holy Smokes the world is a different place when you are run down and surrounded by tissues.  Sadly, I was only able to keep my girl good and healthy through doctor's visit number one... poor thing.   But I think we've turned the corner and are looking to be a happy, healthy family very soon.

Saturday we went to Benjamin Moore and bought some wonderful earth friendly, and kid friendly paint the Natura line and I got started.  I've read so many great reviews about the Natura line because it is zero VOC and I can feel good about it in my home with my daughter. I can't wait to get things finished up.  I'm a believer that you have to make a home your own and paint is the first step in doing so! 

Most of our main living area was painted a pastel colored mint green.  The previous owner made it look great as her style was more county inspired with quilts and such around.  My style is more of a vintage-modern mix... if that makes sense and pastel anything just doesn't mesh well.  We've (meaning me, as Berdaddy is color blind) chose to go with dry sage with buttercup as accent walls in the dinning room.  We also got some fun chalk board paint for a wall between the two rooms... we are all so excited for that to get finished I think the most.  Of course this isn't as environmentally friendly and is going to require us to sand off the texture but I know Button is going to just love coloring this winter next to her Momma.

Getting completely finished will be a slow process as one of us is on baby duty while the other paints or tapes... and since I'm in school, working and, and, and... you get the idea but it's a start!

Here is the dinning room just before I started.

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