Saturday, July 24, 2010

The 12 Project: Month 1

This was our very first family photo, set up on the camera's self timer, at our new home.  Berdaddy and I were all dressed up for our second date night together since Button was born.  The first date night was spent at Hooter's... yeah, you read that right... A story for a different day. 

  Annnnyway, We walked to the local cinema cafe, saw the newest Twilight movie, and had a yummy veggie pizza.  The movie was cheesy as most date night movies tend to be. I loved that we ate a pizza and watched a movie all at the same time, I can see many date nights spent there in the future.  The best part of the whole night was holding hands the entire walk home... just the two of us.  Oh and I love listening to Berdaddy do his best Jacob impressions in an attempt to make fun of the movie. 

Ahem, "Bella, I love you and I know you love me too, I can feel it in my werewolf bones!" Not that funny? Well,  ya gotta know my hubby... truly, it's the date that keeps on giving!

This month has been spent settling into our new home, making it ours and exploring our new town. I've been neck deep in photography gigs and enjoying the summer heat.  Our new home is nice and airy and I can't tell you how wonderful the cross breeze has been for Button and I during the day.   Button spends her time trying to get my phone and into the dog's water bowl.

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