Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our New Addition to the Family

No, I'm not pregnant!  When we were house hunting Berdaddy and I each had our list of must have's for our new forever home.

My list:
A dish washer
A separate kitchen from the dinning room... (I like to eat without looking at the mess of the dinner prep.)
Something with character
3 bedrooms
Walkable neighborhood
A place for my Grandmother's China Hutch

Berdaddy's List:
A garage
A place to put a TV that isn't in our main living space
Not too much fix-it type work
A place for his ping-pong table

Happily we were able to find a home we both adore and met all of our needs.  After 5 years of having our ping-pong table in storage we have logged many hours playing together in the months we've settled in.  Berdaddy likes to play so much that he recently purchased a ping-pong robot when he can't get me to join in...  Thank you Craigslist!

He plays so much I feel like we should be setting an additional space at the table for our new little robot.

Probably the second best purchase we've made all year!

He plays all hours of the night... 

Taking a few breaks for a drink thankfully! 

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I love ping pong!
    Glad you got what you both wanted. I really want a house with a big old knarly tree in the Garden :)